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Bridging digital currency exchanges globally
Since the release of the White Paper on the Subscription of Exchange Union Coin(XUC) on 15 July, 2017, we have received a predefined amount of subscriptions for both bitcoins (BTC) and ethereums (ETH). In other words, the bitcoins (BTC) and ethereums (ETH) we have raised has been sufficient for the construction and operation of the Exchange Union. Therefore, on the one hand, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who have kept an eye on and supported us; on the other hand, we are sorry to announce the cancellation of the ICO initiative, which was due to launch on 7 August, 2017. If you need more information, please refer to the amended White Paper on the Subscription of Exchange Union Currency (XUC), which shall govern all information. We genuinely hope that you will continue to support the Union as it develops. We truly appreciate your attention and kind understanding.

Exchange Union Team
August 5, 2017

Bridge digital currency exchanges around the world and realize investors’ cross-exchange trading, cross-exchange clearing, deposits and withdrawals among different digital currencies and assets. 

Improve trading efficiency and performance of exchanges and realize the market-oriented distribution of digital currencies’ liquidity and best price offers. 

First, bridge the exchanges in terms of trading, deposits, withdrawals and clearing through agreements among digital currency exchanges and make the mechanism and rules of interconnection and interwork. Soon afterwards, build Exchange Union Chain and realize the full interconnection among digital currency exchanges through blockchain technique.
Exchange Union Coin
XUC liquidity premium.

XUC universality premium.

XUC holders enjoy all the privilege in exchanges.
Roadmap of Exchange Union
15 JUL 2017
Issuing of White Paper
7 AUG 2017
Targeted subscription for XUC
DEC 2017
Contracts signed with first batch of exchanges
JUN 2018
Contracts signed with major exchanges worldwide
DEC 2018
Exchange Union Chain implemented
Core team
James Wo
Founder& Chairman of Board of Huiyin Blockchain Venture, the world leading blockchain focused venture capital. Board member of Purse and Ripio.
Terry Culver
Vice Dean for Development, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.
Mikael Wang
Former CTO of BTCC. Former chief solutions architect of Ericsson.
William Hou
Former vice president of AJ Securities, one of the earliest financial institutions in China.
Brendan Eich
Father of the JavaScript. Founder & CEO of Brave. Former CEO& CTO of Mozilla.
Paul Chou
Co-founder & CEO of LedgerX, the fully regulated institutional trading and clearing platform in US.
Sathvik Vishwanath
Co-founder & CEO of Unocoin, the largest bitcoin exchange in India.
Sunny Ray
Co-founder & President of Unocoin.
Sebastian Serrano
Co-Founder & CEO of Ripio, the leading Bitcoin exchange and payment company in Latin America.
David A. Johnson
Chairman of the Board of Factom, world leading data verifying company.
Andrew Lee
CEO of Purse, the world’s largest marketplace for Bitcoin.
Ryan X. Charles
Co-founder & CEO of Yours. Former cryptocurrency engineer at Reddit.
Kevin Zhou
Co-founder of Galois Capital, a crypto trading fund. Former head of trading and advisor of Kraken.
Gabriel Kurman
Co-founder of RSK Labs, one of the best solutions for bitcoin scaling debate.
Simon Dixon
Co-founder & CEO of BnkToTheFuture. An active Fintech investor.
Igor Telyatnikov
President & COO of AlphaPoint, the leading financial technology company that provides asset digitalization with ADLP.
Shenghong Wang
Emeritus principal of Fudan University. Renouned educationalist and scientist.
Yonghong Fan
Co-founder, former general manager & vice chairman of China Asset Management. Chief Investment Officer of China Life.
Ye Lee
Founding partner of Jinsheng Capital. Former CRO, quantitative investment director of Vision Investment. Former general manager of fund department at State Street Corp.
Star Xu
Co-founder and CEO of OKCoin, Former CTO of Docin.
David Lee
Co-founder and CEO of CHBTC.
Vincent Zhou
Founding partner of Fintech Blockchain Group, a bitcoin hedge and capital venture fund . Former IBM consultant.
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